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Signs, Mind, and Reality: a theory of language as the folk model of the world

By Sebastian Shaumyan

Signs, Mind, and Reality By Sebastian Shaumyan

 “This book is about a great intellectual adventure — the search for instruments that can free linguistics from dependence on the preconceived logical categories of the sentence and can make it to become a truly autonomous branch of knowledge, independent of logic and any notions alien to the nature of language. Only by becoming a truly autonomous branch of knowledge will linguistics be assigned its deserved place in the system of sciences.

As the culmination of many years of research, I have developed Semiotic Linguistics, a new linguistic discipline, which I present in this book. The domain of Semiotic Linguistics is radically distinct from all of the other domains of linguistics. The domain of Semiotic Linguistics is human language conceived of as a folk model of the world. By a folk model of the world we mean that every language is a particular conventionalized form of the representation of the world imposed on all the members of a language community by the social need to have a common instrument of communication. The folk model of the world is in fact a collective philosophy unique to each language. It is called the folk model because in many essential features it differs from a scientific model of the world.”